Object: Granting of management and operation of prison food services, with construction and maintenance of industrial kitchen.

Description: It contemplates the supply of food for the prison population of the metropolitan region of Greater Vitória, with the construction of an industrial kitchen in Viana, with production capacity of up to 20000 meals per day, besides the training of Internal in various courses and workshops, the sustainable reuse of water and organic waste, the use of renewable energy sources, as well as the development of olericulture and fish farming, which will have as their own workforce the internal ones.

The proposals should indicate the possibility of obtaining ancillary revenues through the commercial exploitation of food services, commercialization of horticultural and pre-processed products produced therein, as well as bringing solutions aimed at Food quality, cost reduction for the State administration, environmental sustainability, innovation and professional qualification of the interns and their reintegration into the labor market.

Sector: Justice

Management model: Administrative concession

Deadline: to be defined

Contract Value: in study

CAPEX: to be defined

Current phase: in polling