Object: Construction, operation, maintenance and management of solar miniplants to meet the energy demand of the organs of the direct administration of the state of Espírito Santo.

Description: With the concession of the solar power plants, the government intends, in addition to promoting the diversification of the energy matrix of the state, reduce the costing with energy in the organs of the direct administration and encourage energy self-sufficiency. In the accumulated of the last 12 months, the government spent about R $57 million with this item of expenditure, resulting from consumption of approximately 81 million KWh. The proposals should present the quantity of plants to be built, as well as the individual and total power generation capacity, and should also provide for the possibility of obtaining ancillary revenues, the reversibility of the goods at the end of the period of Employment and income generation, as well as environmental sustainability.

Sector: Public Management

Management model: Concession

Deadline: to be defined

Contract Value: in study

CAPEX: to be defined

Current phase: in polling