Mission, Vision, Values



The program of concessions and partnerships of the state of Espírito Santo has as its mission the promotion of economic, social and environmental development Capixaba, fostering efficiency in the employment of the resources of society and a business environment favorable to Entrepreneurship.


Identification of opportunities for partnerships with the private sector to structuring new investments, through reading and analyzing the potential and limiting aspects, with full integration of the guidelines of the Economic Development Plan and Strategic planning of the State.


-Respect for the interests and rights of the addressees of the services and of the private ones entrusted with their implementation;

-Tax liability in the conclusion and execution of contracts;

-Publicity and transparency of procedures and decisions;

-Apportionment of risks in an objective manner and according to the partners ' ability to manage them;

-Economic viability, financial sustainability and socioeconomic advantages of partnership projects;

-Potential evaluation of shared revenues between the private partner and the State;

-Verification of the quality of the services subject to the partnership;

-Remuneration of the contractor linked to its performance;

-Encouraging fair competition in the regional business environment;

-Popular participation, through consultations and public hearings.